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Editorial Guidance:

We will review your manuscript and, if deemed appropriate, will make suggestions for improvement of content.


We will customize a design for your book. We will suggest a size for your book, the type of paper, the proper display of illustrations or graphics, the typeface, the cover, etc.


As your book proceeds throughout the various production phases and you will receive ample opportunity to review and proof it.


Our titles are distributed through Ingram Book Distributors, Baker & Taylor, Follett Library and others. We will also submit your title to Books A Million, Barnes & Noble, and other wholesale and retail outlets for their consideration to add to their inventories.


Headline Books markets via the internet, direct mail to bookstores, libraries and specialty markets, and national advertising in trade magazines and journals. All titles are also sold on Amazon.com and internet bookstores.

We will also add it to our multiple book sites including http://www.headlinekids.com and http://www.headlinebooks.com

And now for specific guidelines:

1. All submissions must include a return envelope with postage affixed (S.A.S.E.).

2. Do not send an entire book! Typically, a submission should include a one page cover letter (presenting your background, your reason for writing the book, the audience you envision, etc.), an outline and the first three chapters. If your children's book is short, please send entire manuscript. If illustrated, please send one copy of sample art for the book.

3. Please be patient. It takes us a while (maybe several weeks, sometimes a few months) to read all that is coming in. We promise, however, that your manuscript will get a fair hearing. If it's rejected, we'll give you an idea as to why it was rejected. (Most likely, the reason will be that we don't see a large enough market for it.)

We wish you the best of luck with your writing career. And above alló we hope you'll keep writing!

A Final Note

Currently, Headline Kids is looking for children's books with an educational aspect. We have a very successful School Show Program and are always interested in additional titles and authors! Authors should be willing and able to travel, promote, speak and attend conferences as their schedules allow.

Headline Books, Submissions, P. O. Box 52, Terra Alta, WV 26764

304-789-3001 or 800-570-5951

http://www.headlinebooks.com/ / email: MyBook@headlinebooks.com


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