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Chilly Billy

9 x 12, hc, 32 pages, illustrated

ISBN: 9781882658305


By Melinda Chambers

Gold Mom's Choice Award
Literary Classics International Book Awards Seal of Approval

Born on a cold winter day, Chilly Billy frolics with the other lambs. They decide to go under the fence and make fun of Billy…even nicknamed him ‘Silly Billy,’ because he wouldn’t follow them. Find out what happens…and why Billy wasn’t so silly after all.

Known for her lessons from nature, Melinda reminds her readers they need to question their choices. It’s easy to “follow the flock,” but sometimes the outcomes are not desirable. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Sue Ann Maxwell Spiker captures the beauty of the story through her artwork.

What People Say

“Having worked with sheep for 65 years, Chilly Billy is a most interesting story that accurately brings alive sheep farm life in the winter and spring in West Virginia. Lambs are curious, follow a leader, and easily get into trouble. The lambs find exciting adventure can be dangerous and they were saved just in time. This book is a good lesson for children (Chilly Billy wasn’t so silly after all).”

Reverend Calvin McCutcheon—He sheared his 100,000th sheep at the WV State Fair in 2014 at the age of 77.

About the Author

Award-winning author Melinda Spiker Chambers grew up with a flock of sheep behind her house. She fondly remembers waking up in the middle of the night from the "baas" of lambs her father had put in a box next to the heater to warm up because lambs had been near death from the cold. Her previous books, We Are Whoo We Are, The Day the Snapdragons Snapped Back, Fraidy Cat, And We Helped, have all won Mom’s Choice Awards---designating them among the best in family-friendly products. Melinda is a retired educator, with degrees from West Virginia University and Ohio State University. She has worked as a WVU Extension Agent and then middle school teacher, followed with Nutrition Director for Hampshire County. Melinda currently lives in Hampshire County, West Virginia with her husband, Byron. Together they have two children and five grandchildren. Melinda currently volunteers her time as a Sunday School teacher, creative writing teacher, 4-H volunteer, counselor, and mentor. She is also available for school visits.

About the Illustrator

Award-winning illustrator, Sue Ann Maxwell Spiker, lives on a livestock farm with her husband, John. Besides being an active mother and grandmother, she also assists with the farm work which includes the family’s flock of sheep. A graduate from Glenville State College in the field of art, Sue Ann is known for her life-like watercolor paintings. Teaming up with her sister-in-law, Melinda, she has been able to bring the written word to life through her beautiful illustrations. Sue Ann and her family own and operate a Guest House, Sunny Pointe, and she is also active with her church and community.
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