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Educational Programs for All Ages
Headline Books offers Educational, Self Improvement, and Entertaining Workshops and Programs for your business, school, community or group.

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Little Reader Program with illustrator Ashley Teets at DaVinci & Dessert Studio in Fairmont, WV. Ashley also will visit your school, group, or conference.

Lynn Salsi Pulitzer Prize Nominee and Master Story Teller--full School Program for all grades. Includes Appalachian Folk Lore, Reader's Theater, and much more!

Lauren Hudson and Robert Hudson--Career and Business Tips for Financial Independence

Colleen Driscoll--Healthy eating habits and exercise...with Santa and Piper the Elf. Introduce music into your classroom with Colleen's upcoming book, Piper the Elf and Santa's Musical Band!

Cindy O'Brien--Better Behavior Books for kids support social and emotional development and understanding for adults and children alike!

Middle School Reading Program:

- Social Problems: Fitting in with the “IN” CrowdRevenge by F. T. Pandora

- Character Education—

Inky & the Missing Gold by Don Stansberry

Suggested reading level grades 4 & up

Child Safety Stranger Abduction Program-What Would You Do? A Kid's Guide to Staying Safe in a World of Strangers

Kyle’s Colorful Life - Early Reading Skills, Special Needs

Drema McNeal

Collaboration Book Program K-12

Character Enhancement Program K-5

Melinda Chambers

Social Studies, Geography, Language Arts

Tracy Kincaid

Health & Exercise—All Ages

Rusty McQuade

Reading Readiness / Early Language Pre-K Development

Nancy Cloyd

Rain Forest Educational Program—All Ages

Martin & Delia Wach

Hunting Safety—All Ages

Predator Hunter Tom Bechdel

Adult Program:

Parent-Teacher/Staff Development/Continuing Education

Conflict Resolution, Leadership Workshops

Tod Faller, National Presenter

These remarkable programs impact

• Art & Illustrating

• English

• Writing Skills

• People Skills

• Science

• Literature

• Reading

• Music

• Dance

• Exercise

• Healthy Living

• Problem Solving

• Library Skills

• Career Choices

• Geography

• Learning Different Cultures

• Saving the Environment

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