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Fund Raising Opportunity for your School or Group

Fund Raising Opportunity For Your School

Have your school earn money selling books! Not only will your students be smarter, your parents won’t have so many dental appointments resulting from candy sales…and no toy recalls!

Headline Kids can provide your school with the perfect program with a profit up to 30% of sales! Our new big catalog has over 80 items to choose from with a wide selection for all reading levels and interests. Several of our titles have companion stuffed animals, audio books, art kits, etc. There is something for everyone so sales are easy.

The best part about this program?

Your school will receive a follow up visit with one of Headline Books popular authors! Bring reading, writing, and illustrating into your school and raise money for your library, field trips, computer labs or whatever your needs are!

Children Helping Children:

Several of our titles are co-authored with elementary students. For every one of these books sold, the author school will also receive a royalty. These schools are raising money for their libraries, playgrounds, field trips, and smart boards for every classroom!

Program runs two weeks

  • Prizes awarded for individual sales in dollar increments

  • Grand Prize for top seller per school for sales over $500

  • Books delivered within one week of receipt of orders.

    Schools provided with all order materials free of charge:

  • Order blanks

  • Sample books for display in your school

  • Headline Kids coordinator to come to the school to kick off the program

    Sell quality books by top authors in their fields! Headline Books, Inc. has been publishing books since 1985. Their first title, Killing Waters: The Great West Virginia Flood of 1985, is currently in its tenth printing with over 100,000 sold.

    Headline Kids is the children’s book division of Headline Books and Publisher Page is the new fiction imprint of Headline Books. We are rapidly growing with new titles coming out every month!

    Our very active School Show Program has been very successful over the past several years. Our authors visit schools nationwide…over 600 schools so far! We continue to notice a need for quality books in the schools and for books that are fun, entertaining and educate at the same time. That is our goal with our books and this new Fund Raising Campaign. We have seen countless dollars spent on gift wrapping paper, candy, window stickees, cheap jewelry and gifts all to raise money for things schools really need. Our books can add to a child’s education and lead to family time together.

    A lot of our children’s books and middle school books have companion work books, activity books, and advance reader tests available as an adjunct to learning. We know what children like and they really do like our books! We think you will, too.

    This is not a book fair. This is a true fund raising opportunity to earn money for your library, field trips, smart boards, or whatever your school needs are.

    Call to find out more or ask questions about raising money for your school needs with the Headline Books Fund Raiser Program! Contact Cathy Teets, President, Headline Books, Inc. 800-570-5951 or 304-789-3001, P. O. Box 52, Terra Alta, WV 26764

    email: cathy@headlinebooks.com

    Websites: www.headlinebooks.com | www.headlinekids.com | www.publisherpage.com


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